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***** Recorded on 31 May 2023 at The Henry Wood Hall in London by the British audiophile recording lablel Chasing The Dragon, this wonderful copy-master tape of the famous Scheherazade is played by the British National Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Anthony Inglis and led by the award winning violinist Katerina Nazarova...... I can comfortably say that this is the best recording of Scheherzazade I have ever heard -- and I have heard many over the decades!... In fact, the whole performance somehow manages to impart a freshness to the music that is missing from other recordings I have heard.... This is another brilliant Chasing The Dragon recording that will doubtless gain the reputation of being a reference recording of this wonderful and popular piece of music.

National Symphony Orchestra

I can honestly say that this is the best recording of Scheherazade I’ve ever heard – and I’ve heard many over the decades! In fact, it’s been one of my favourite pieces of music ever since I was in my early teens. Firstly, the performance somehow manages to impart a freshness to the music that’s somehow missing from others I’ve heard. The power and energy from the National Symphony Orchestra is really captivating. There was a lovely rapport between the orchestra and Inglis, and this certainly comes across in the recording. The sprightly fourth movement really shows off the energy of the performance and the clarity, depth and realism of the recording is truly wonderful. Also, Nazarova’s violin playing is exceptional and her solo playing, especially during the opening of the second movement and the conclusion of the fourth movement, is totally captivating.

National Symphony Orchestra

So, for Neville’s money this is “the best recording of Scheherazade ever heard”. I couldn’t wait to dive in and find out if I’d agree. 

So, how does the Chasing The Dragon fit into the mix? Well, let’s cut to the chase here: it sounds incredible. But let’s unpack those two main considerations a bit more. First, the musical event. I personally won’t say it’s the best performance ever but it’s certainly a very, very good one. You can listen from beginning to end and be completely ‘lost’ in the music throughout. Purely as a performance, I’d put this in my top three or four.


I listened throughout the work for bum notes, and if they did exist, I couldn’t hear them. In the recording session there were only a few retakes, for example the Scheherazade solos, and at Air Studios all was put together for the vinyl, ensuring at timings of retakes fitted perfectly. For this reel-to-reel recording everything gelled so well; the brass instruments were razor sharp, particularly the trombones in the last movement and strings were precise. This is the best recording I have heard of this work. As the Suite faded away toward the final Scheherazade theme I was left feeling as I do after a long holiday away; depressed that it was all over and wanting to start it all over again.

HiFi PiG Magazine

With two performances taking place in the Royal Court Theatre (for early and late-seating dinner guests), this evening’s theme was “Great American Composers.” To that end, Inglis and the NSO performed a full hour-long set featuring “The Star Spangled Banner”, “Strike up the Band”, “Washington Post”, “Liberty Bell”, and the crowning achievement: the full, unabridged version of Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue.”
I’ve seen lots of different production shows in my time. Some have been good, some have been just alright. Seeing the National Symphony Orchestra perform live for us in the Royal Court Theatre was as good as any performance on Broadway or in London’s West End. It was, without exception, the single best thing I’ve ever seen on a cruise ship. Period. Sorry: “ocean liner”!

THE AVID CRUISER on board Queen Mary 2

Inglis is our perfect host for the evening. He has a quietly commanding conducting style, choreographing the various entrances and exits with authority. He is also a fine master of ceremonies, explaining the background to many if the pieces and their composers and driving audience participation, for example, different sections converse using that sequence of five notes from Close Encounters of the Third Kind – which also allows Inglis to show off a fine singing voice himself as he demonstrates the notes. With his easy manner and dry wit, Inglis could easily pass muster on the comedy circuit.


“Anthony Inglis, one of Britain's most popular conductors, made his Bridgewater debut to tremendous acclaim. He provided five-star entertainment with the Camerata in cracking form....Right from the first triumphant notes of the Light Cavalry Overture and Stars and Stripes Forever, the audience knew they were in for a treat......Capriccio Italien provided more sublime moments.....An enchanted evening closed with a wonderfully atmospheric 1812 Overture.....The audience went home ecstatic. The Musicians must have been exhausted!”


“The BSO's rendition of the first half's music was superb; in particular I doff my cap to the dazzling trumpet soloist Peter Turnbull.........but I reserve my highest praise for the string section and Elgar's Serenade for Strings.....When I heard it shivers of pleasure ran down my neck and spine." Amusing, exhilarating, conductor Anthony Inglis truly excelled himself. I must question whether he can ever top this performance."


“.......the orchestra, under the baton of Anthony Inglis,launched into Mussorgsky's Night on A Bare Mountain. This performance was vibrant, powerful, edgy and gritty - absolutely spellbinding.”


Reviews: Testimonials

“A record breaking audience of 11,500 roared their approval at the end of this magical show, packed with wonderful music, great singing........It was a triumph too for the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, conducted by the charismatic Anthony Inglis....”


“Charismatic Anthony Inglis, principal conductor with the NSO, was in fine form. The RLPO, too, clearly in the mood for love."


“And true to form Anthony Inglis presented the cavalcade of melodies with his usual insights and conjured beautiful sounds from the BSO.”


Reviews: Testimonials

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“This was never going to be an average night at the symphony, so it was a good thing WASO shipped in a far from average conductor for the occasion. But not even the brains trust at WASO would have expected English conductor Anthony Inglis to steal the show........cheery, chatty and a true showman, the celebrated British maestro held a packed concert hall in the palm of his hand........Inglis was a far cry from the stereotypical snooty and sometimes mute maestros who usually wave the baton. But this was a far from the stereotypical time at the symphony. And it was a match made in heaven.”


“In his Symphonia debut, conductor Inglis continually charmed the crowd with humour and musical comments. But his excellent direction of a stirring Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture (Tchaikovsky) and what might be the South Florida debut of Aurora by William Lloyd Webber (the late father of Broadway composer Andrew and cellist Julian) earned him the most bragging rights.


“.....immediately showed his ability with a deftly pointed and energetic performance of Hadyn's 59th symphony using a chamber-sized WSO. The strings responded especially well, turning in a warm cohesive sound. In contrast, Inglis unleashed the brass of the full-sized orchestra in a splendid reading of the Farewell music from Wagner's Die Walkure. A captivating rendition of Handel's Royal Fireworks Music completed the programme, which as a whole impressed the audience greatly with Inglis' talents.”


I wasn't sure if there would be a host, but Anthony Inglis did it all (conducting, musical director, host and...Captain Jack Sparrow). I must give a mention to Anthony Inglis who carried the show for me. Not only did he introduce each soundtrack with vast knowledge and facts about the films they were involved in, but he was also very funny. I lost count of how many times I laughed throughout. And as much of the music is quite intense, it was some light-hearted relief throughout.

INTERNET REVIEWER Zoe (Zimmer vs Williams Royal Albert Hall)

"This is a Testimonial. Let your customers tell the world how great you are."

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Reviews: Testimonials
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